About Us

GRINDROP is a UK based company with the mission to develop Human Centric Control Products and Services for Commercial and Residential Customers. Our goal is to re-invent Building Control by introducing the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm into Human Centric cutting-edge Building Management Systems for Homes and Offices.


Lighting was our first challenge. Modern LED lighting technologies offer unlimited control possibilities that can change the way people interact with their home and work environment. However, unlimited control necessitates for highly intelligent solutions that will allow people to make the most out of these great possibilities. 

Interior ambience needs to continuously respond to changing exterior environment to save energy but always according to occupant preferences. To accommodate this constraint, occupants need optimum indoor conditions perfectly tuned to their personal needs - essentially, the ability to tune the light and HVAC according to changing tasks, mood and ambient conditions. 

Human-centric lighting and HVAC control can satisfy people needs with significant energy savings due to daylight and building thermal mass exploitation, dimming capabilities and presence detection. Significant savings can be achieved through coordinated light and HVAC control, on the basis of contextual, ambient & presence information. 

Our team members are combining their forces and expertise from many years of research and industrial experience in various disciplines, from electrical engineering to machine learning and semantic web, with the primary goal to deliver a purely automated and personalized experience that will offer high occupant comfort and satisfaction. We strongly believe that houses should become comfortable homes that sense what occupants need. We claim that offices should become stimulating living workplaces that always respect people’s real-time preferences.

Our heritage comes from many years of research and technological development. Grindrop solutions build on top of emerging technologies and innovative prototypes that have stemmed from groundbreaking research in the scope of the European Competitive Research Framework Programme. 


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