Human-Centric Building Control

Indoor environment’s invaluable benefits in people’s comfort, emotions and productivity have been widely overlooked and underutilized in the past. People vary significantly in their visual and thermal preferences. LED lighting and Smart Thermostats have brought drastic changes in the technology landscape, introducing advanced controllability, paving the way for mind-blowing commercial and residential applications fully adapting to modern human needs. Their cost is steadily shrinking, gradually rendering “human-centric” innovative applications more cost-effective and attractive to end-customers. Grindrop technological solutions unlock the full range of possibilities of Human Centric Building Control has to offer like: 


  • Productivity: In commercial spaces, human centric building control can boost concentration, energy and motivation of employees, while it can also create an attractive and captivating environment for customers. Light colour dimming levels and temperature can offer enhanced user experience, continuously adapting to personal preferences and task specific needs. Human Centric Building Control can turn your office into a stimulating living workplace.


  • Comfort: In homes, human centric control can create cosy environments improving the quality of everyday life. It can bring the necessary ambient diversity that will always match your moods and everyday needs. Houses can become comfortable and truly adaptive homes.

  • Savings: Against common belief, lighting and HVAC account for more than half of both peak and average loads in commercial and residential spaces. Interestingly enough, recent studies have shown that savings from intelligent building control systems can range between 45% and 60%, while most occupants will never detect moderate gradual changes in their indoor ambience. If applied with careful consideration of personal preferences, human centric building control solutions can offer huge opportunities for smart energy applications that combine comfort with savings.

Integrated & Adaptive Building Control for Homes

We are bringing true intelligence into building control (starting from lighting & HVAC) turning houses into homes. Despite the efforts put into existing highly priced commercial solutions, they still lack the intelligence. By introducing highly intelligent IoT methods into intelligent Lighting and HVAC Control services, we deliver a purely adaptive & personalized experience, redefining the way people interact with their surroundings.

Our break through technology consists in Uelo a revolutionary home device that offers truly human centric control balancing the non-visual effects of human optimized lighting with adaptive thermal comfort to turn your home into a shelter.

We are putting humans at the center of any home control strategy, offering adaptive human centric building control technologies, which efficiently balance different and often conflicting factors like energy savings, productivity and comfort within unified intelligent building control strategies for homes.

Personalized Lighting for Offices and Homes

Our solutions stemmed from many years of intensive research and development in conjunction with thorough validation under real-life conditions. Both HueMate and DOME (our products for home and office environments, respectively) consist of technological innovations that combine the strong know-how and extensive experience  of the Grindrop team in the Internet of Grid (IoG) arena.


























Our technology introduces the concept of the personalized agent that lets LED lighting embrace your everyday activities and become truly personalized. We discretely monitor your space, discover your personal preferences completely dynamically, without any need for explicit instructions. Then, we pro-actively adjust your space lighting on your behalf. Our solutions transform automated lighting control solutions to the most natural experience. They always follow your preferences while eliminating the need for you to interact with your old wall switches.


Our solutions replace the traditional centralized lighting control practices by smart ambient control enhanced by the Internet of Things paradigm and cutting edge semantic technologies. They work through various communication channels (mobile phones, tablets, in-office/in-home displays), offering a non-intrusive and ambient experience, in a discrete and transparent manner. They learn your preferences by sensing your environment and efficiently balance different and often conflicting factors like energy savings, productivity and comfort within unified intelligent building control strategies for homes and offices alike. 


Two different solutions for smart lighting automation are currently offered by Grindrop: DOME for commercial installations and HueMate for single home users



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